Nova Sandwich Maker Review

Homemade delicious snacks are the weakness of every traditional food lovers, and what is better than a homemade warm, oozy, mouth-watering cheesy grilled sandwich? Are you also the biggest fan of this type of snack? Then this is the correct time to gift you a sandwich maker, whether it is a supreme Panini press grill sandwich maker or a common less expensive traditional toast maker. If you are planning to buy the same then a Nova sandwich maker can be your best choice. Before buy the product lets go through the Nova sandwich maker review, so that you can select the appropriate one for you.

Why Should You Buy Nova Sandwich Maker?

Whenever we get hungry and don’t have much time to prepare a very fancy meal a homemade warm grilled sandwich or a simple toast can be your problem solver. For this reason, a sandwich maker is an essential one in your kitchen. Whenever we decide to buy any home and kitchen appliances Nova is the brand we cannot ignore. Nova also offers a number of sandwich makers with different price ranges and features. By using Nova sandwich makers you can make these types of tasty homemade stacks with simple and easily available ingredients. These sandwich makers can grill and seal the sandwiches with all the fillings and also maintain the crunchy deliciousness of the surfaces. Along with the features, these appliances also use very little amount of oil or butter to cook and encourage a healthy eating habit. Let’s discuss about the different types of Nova sandwich maker review to help you in a better way.

Top 3 Nova Sandwich Maker Review

There are many different types of sandwich makers that Nova offers to their customers from the exclusive Panini press grilled one and the commercial electronic bigger ones. Let’s discuss the top three most popular Nova sandwich maker reviews.

Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker Review

This is the best model of the Nova sandwich maker. Using this sandwich maker you can make simple toasts as well as thick delicious sandwiches with lots of fillings. The model has some extraordinary features, like

  • Non-stick heating plates: The product has its unique non-stick coating plates. It completely prevents the food particles to stick on the surface of the heating plates. It also helps to cook sandwiches with very less amount of oil or butter and make the food tastier and healthier.
  • Perfect size to store: The size of this product is very compact and looks very stylish so that you can easily store it in your kitchen; also you can carry this to any party or picnic very easily.
  • Power efficient: The product has a very powerful motor which has a capacity of 1000 watts. It also contains a very well heat resistant body and non-skid feet.
  • Light indicator: The very handy sandwich maker has a prominent indicator light at the outside. This indicator helps you to inform the progress of sandwiches and prevent them from burning.

Nova VSM/NSM 2418 750 Watt 2-slice Sandwich Maker Review

This sandwich maker is another best model of Nova. This has a non-stick Teflon surface which can assure you to prevent your sandwiches from sticking to the surface. Also, we can make food with very little oil so it is a very healthier option to choose. Other features are,

  • Size and shape: This Nova sandwich maker is very handy and compact. It is very convenient to use. The gadget takes very little space in your kitchen and can fit anywhere easily.
  • Easy to move: This sandwich maker has a 0.8-meter cord length so that you can easily move its place and also maintain a convenient distance from the power socket.
  • Less power consumption: This appliance requires only 750 watts of electricity to work efficiently. It means it also takes care of your monthly electricity bills and works properly.

Nova NSM-2412 750 Watt Sandwich Maker Review

This is another model of the Nova sandwich maker. It has a capacity of 2 sliced sandwiches with four slices of bread and other fillings. The product is very handy and convenient to use. It also consumes very less amount of power, only 750 watts to work properly. Other features are,

  • Cool touched body: The sandwich maker has a heat resistant cool-touched body and handles so that anyone can handle it very easily and it also prevents from burning the hand of the user.
  • Indicator lights: This product also comes with an indicator light to indicate the proper timing when the preheating is done or the sandwiches are ready to remove from it.
  • Skid-resistant feet: The very important feature the product has is skid-resistant feet. It allows the sandwich maker to be placed on any uneven surface.

Pros & Cons of Nova Sandwich Maker

  • Less power consumption.
  • Non-stick heating plates with double Teflon coating.
  • Automatic temperature controller to prevent any accident.
  • Stylish and convenient looks to compliment any modern kitchen.
  • Compact and stylish looks prevent to make thick sandwiches.
  • The semi-automatic or manual models have a risk of burning the sandwiches.
  • Can’t close the plates when the sandwiches are thick.

When you are discussing the Nova sandwich maker review, we need to know about the pros & cons of products.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can we remove the plates for cleaning?
Ans. It depends on the model you choose, but in maximum models we cannot remove the plates, they are fixed.

How to clean it?
Ans. You can use a damp cloth or a tissue paper to clean the sandwich maker after every use.

You can refer the above Nova sandwich maker review before buying a product; it will help you to know all the features of the sandwich makers and makes your job easy.

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