How to clean a sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker is the best buddy of a food lover at home because it can transform a normal toast into a warm, delicious, eye candy grilled sandwich within a couple of minutes. Generally, there are two types of sandwich makers available in the market. One is common, less expensive toast maker, and the other one in Panini press grill sandwich maker. More or less both the types of sandwich makers can work in a similar way, but the main concern is that they are a little bit tricky to clean. If you want to use your sandwich maker on a regular basis and for a long time then you should keep it in your mind that you need to clean your device at a regular interval.

Nowadays maximum numbers of Panini press grill sandwich makers are very easy to clean, though you need to follow some steps before doing the same. So the main discussion point of this article is about how to clean a sandwich maker

How to clean a sandwich maker?

The main trouble while using a sandwich maker is sometimes the leftover cheese stuck permanently on the nonstick surface of the tool. Along with this sometimes the plates of sandwich makers get very greasy after a couple of uses. At the time of these serious issues don’t try to clean the plates of the sandwich maker very roughly with some scouring cloth or something more abrasive, otherwise, you are about to damage the nonstick coating of the plates permanently. There are some easy steps one should follow to clean the sandwich makers. If you have a sandwich maker with removable plates then your job is very easy, they can be cleaned very easily. But if you don’t have the removable plates then also nothing to worry.

How to clean a sandwich maker with a removable plate?

Turn off the sandwich maker and unplug:

Before you start to clean your sandwich maker don’t forget to turn the machine off and unplug it at first. This is the first and very important step because if you try to clean the machine while it is still on, you can have a severe electrical shock. After unplugging the sandwich maker start cleaning it while it is still warm, yet not too hot. Because if you start the cleaning process after completely cooling the device, the oily residue and the cheesy crumbs will stick hard on the surface.

Remove the plates from the machine

If you have a Panini press grill sandwich maker then you have to remove its plates for cleaning. Take out the plates very carefully from the sandwich maker with oven mitts. Then for an intense wash place then in the kitchen sink. But do not try to sock the plates for a long time; otherwise, it will permanently damage the nonstick coating of the plates.

Clean the plates thoroughly

After washing the plates completing you need a slightly hot and soapy sponge or clean cloth, but remember it should not be too wet. Use the piece of cloth and wipe over the plates very gently. It will help to remove the greasy residues from the plates. Thereafter for the second time wipe the plates with very soft hands and firmly rub the plates so that the remaining oily crumbs will be cleaned completely. Don’t forget to properly clean around each and every groove if you have the same in your sandwich maker.

Still not clean properly? If after following these above steps you found that still, some residues stick to the plates, then also no need to be scared. This time use the round end of a butter knife or a chopstick. At first, completely wrap it with a semi met cloth and then with the help of that clean between the grooves and loss the remaining sticky residues.

How to clean a fixed plate sandwich maker?

If you have a sandwich maker with no removable plate,
At first, you need to follow the above one and two steps complexly. It means you need to switch off and unplug the machine. After that use a completely dry cloth and try to clean the loose oily crumbs from the plates.

Use a soapy cloth or sponge

To clean the plates of these types of sandwich makers you can use a soapy piece of cloth or any sponge after squeezing all the excess water. Remember to remove the excess water before we use this to clean the plates. Wipe down the plates with a very gentle hand, again get the sponge soapy, again squeeze it completely, and re-wipe the plates firmly.

Always use a dry piece of cloth

After the above steps wipe down the plates finally with a completely dry piece of cloth, we can also use a paper towel to clean the machine. Also, clean the outside wall of the sandwich maker.

Always remember some warnings and bonus tips before clean your sandwich maker.

  • Always read the manufacture’s user manual very carefully before cleaning the sandwich maker, and follow the given instructions.
  • Never try to soak the Panini press grill sandwich maker into water or dishwasher; otherwise, it will damage the electrical circuits of the machine.
  • Unplug the sandwich maker completely before cleaning. Start the cleaning after cooling the machine slightly, otherwise, it could burn you.
  • Never use some abrasive cleaning pads, or any heavy brushes to clean the sandwich maker, it can damage the nonstick coating of the plates.
  • Before placing the sandwich bread for grilling try to spread a little bit of butter on the surface of the bread, or spray some oil or cooking spray on the upper and lower surfaces of the plates, it will prevent any sticking; also make your sandwiches more tasty and crispy.
  • Preheat the sandwich maker completely till the light indicates that it is ready to use, it will ensure that no foodstuff will stick to the plates.


If you follow these basic checkpoints and the steps of how to clean a sandwich maker, then you can clean your sandwich makers very easily and continue to enjoy warm and tasty sandwiches for a long time.

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