Borosil sandwich maker review


Are you a big fan of toasts and sandwiches? And if it is a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich or paninis then it becomes extra exciting for you? Then definitely you need a sandwich maker so that you can make this extraordinary and delicious stuff at your home at any point in time. If you want to buy a sandwich maker then Borosil sandwich makers are the best one for you. These sandwich makers are well-designed and full of useful features so that they can complement your kitchen perfectly. This Borosil sandwich maker review will help you to know better about these products and it will also guide you to decide which product you can buy for yourself.

Is it worth buying Borosil sandwich maker?

If you are planning to buy a sandwich maker for your home or if you want a commercial sandwich maker to run your Cafe or restaurant business then Borosil sandwich makers are the best options for you. Borosil commercial grill sandwich makers can make 4 sandwiches with eight total slices of bread at each step with 100% quality. They can also grill your chicken, any other meat and vegetables very easily in a few minutes. Along with this their traditional common sandwich makers for home usage are perfect for regular use and also consume very little electricity to work efficiently.
Before buying Borosil sandwich makers you should know about their best products which are available in the market with different price ranges. In this Borosil sandwich maker review, we will discuss their top 2 products for commercial and residential usage.

Borosil super Jumbo 180 degree 2000 watt grill sandwich maker Review

Borosil sandwich maker review

The sandwich maker of Borosil is perfect for any commercial usage. If you are running a cafe or restaurant then you can use this sandwich maker for a smooth experience. Also, it can be used at home for a big family as well. The main features of this sandwich maker are,

Jumbo-sized grilling plates: The grilling plates are Jumbo sized which can make four big size sandwiches at the same time.
Extra grilling heating plate: The heating plates are completely non-stick and have deep ribs on it for the extra crispy grilled experience.
Oil collector: This product has an extra oil collector tray to remove excess oil and butter.
Smart access: The grilling plate opens to 105 degrees and also has a handle lock for easy access. It also has a stainless steel mirror finish to look smarter.
Safety: This Borosil sandwich maker has an automatic temperature control knob and thermal fuse for extra safety purposes.

Borosil l BSM70NDG13 700 Watts 2-slice sandwich maker Review

If you want to buy a sandwich maker for your home then you can trust this particular product of Borosil. This is one of the best sandwich makers available in the market which can grill uniformly and also using very less amount of oil. The other features are

Nonstick plates: The grilling plates of this product are completely non-stick and can make two sandwiches for a total of four slices of bread at the same time.
Easy access: The grilling plates open to a 90-degree angle for access easily.
Safety: There is a thermal fuse in the product for maintaining extra safety. It also comes with a cool-touch handle.
Smart choice: There is a power indicator for preheating which also indicates when the sandwiches are ready to remove.

Pros & Cons of Borosil sandwich maker

Like all other electronic home and kitchen appliances, Borosil sandwich makers have also some pros and cons. In this Borosil sandwich maker review, I am trying to mention about their important advantages and limitations.

  • Different power light indicators.
  • Extra safety features.
  • Uniformly grills the sandwiches.
  • Auto control of temperature.
  • Extra crispiness for the ribs on the plates.
  • Absence of non-skid feet.
  • Non-removable heating plates, so the difficulty in cleaning.
  • Commercial sandwich makers consume high electricity.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I clean the Borosil sandwich maker?

At first switch off and unplug the sandwich maker and allow it to completely cool down. You can clean the plates with a damp cloth; also can use some soapy water if you want. Then wipe the plates completely with a dry cloth. Also, use the dry cloth for the outside wall. Make sure in the end you have to dry the product thoroughly before the next use.

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What should I do if the sandwich maker emits smoke?

On the first use, the products can emit a little bit of smoke, which is normal.

Is any extra step I should follow before I use this sandwich maker for the first time?

Before first use always refer to the user manual very well for knowing the extra and important steps. Then you should brush the plates with a little amount of cooking oil, after heating the same with open lid for 5 minutes, unplug the product and allow this to cool. After that remove the excess oil with any tissue paper and the product is ready for use.

How to understand that the product is ready to use?

The red light will indicate the preheating of the sandwich maker. When it reaches the desired temperature green light will appear to indicate that the product is ready to use.

Final Words

This is all about the Borosil sandwich maker review. This will definitely guide you properly before you choose the best sandwich maker. As you know there are several sandwich makers available from Borosil for both residential and commercial usage, you will definitely find the appropriate one for you. If you buy a commercial sandwich maker for your business then definitely it will deliver the best quality for customers and if you buy a sandwich maker for your home then it can satisfy your family completely.

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