Best Non-stick Sandwich Maker

Introduction to Best Non-stick Sandwich

You have bought a sandwich maker to save time during the office rush. But you not enough polished in cooking. You are afraid that the sandwich may get stuck to the heating surfaces if you do not take it out in proper time. Nothing to worry! Here is the solution for you. Almost all sandwich makers now have come up with a wonderful feature called non-stick. It is a special coating mainly made with ceramic and sometimes other ingredients. Due to this special coating on the heating plates, the sandwiches never get stuck to the surface. Another facility is that non-stick coating extra oil or butter or cheese doesn’t get stuck to the surface. Hence, the plates are easy to clean. Let’s find out the best non-stick sandwich maker in India.

Why Should You Buy Best Non-stick Sandwich in India

Before buying, the first question that should come up in your mind is that why should you buy a non-stick sandwich maker? You should buy because:

  • It saves time during your busy schedule.
  • Sandwich doesn’t get stuck – hence, hassle free sandwich making
  • Faster cooking
  • You can make 2 or more sandwiches at a time.
  • No tension of flipping the sandwiches.
  • Heating indicators will make the process easier.
  • Easy to clean as oil or cheese doesn’t get stuck.
  • There is no cooking knowledge required to make sandwiches in a sandwich maker.

For details you can go through our guide on how to use a sandwich maker.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Non-stick Sandwich Maker

It’s not only about one feature. Along with non-stick coating, you need to consider some factors before buying the best non-stick sandwich maker.


The most important thing that needs to consider is the power consumption of the sandwich maker. You are using it at your home. Hence, it should consume less power. Usually the power consumption range of domestic products should stay 800W-1500W. Some makers with higher capacity, consume more power – 1800W-2000W.

Number of Slices

From 2 sandwiches to 4 sandwiches – sandwich makers for domestic purposes generally have the capacity in between. It depends upon you need, that which one you are going to buy. If there are more than 2 members at your house, you may buy 4-slaice sandwich maker. But if only you two are staying, then 2-slice maker can be the best choice.


This is the most important feature as well as criteria. The heating plates must be non-stick ceramic coated. So that it is easy to clean and nothing sticks to the surfaces. Non-stick surfaces also help cleaning the plates so easily. Hence, this is much needed factor to be considered before buying the best non-stick sandwich maker in India.

Heat indicators

As mentioned above that you do not need much knowledge about cooking to make sandwich in a non-stick sandwich maker. Hence, while buying a sandwich maker, you must confirm whether the make has heat indicator lights or not. Generally there are 2 indicator lights available in the makers. The red light indicates that the maker is powered on. And the green one tells that the plates are heated enough and ready to cook.


Last, but not the least, you must consider the safety of the product. You need to check whether the power cord is well coated or not, or whether the outer surfaces and the handle are heat resistant or not.  To avoid unwanted accidents and burns, the safety check is a strict yes.

Features Of A Good Non-stick Sandwich Maker

Apart from the product wise detailed information, there are some general features that need to be confirmed before buying anything. For sandwich makers you must check the following features:

The Body

The external body should be completely heat proof. You may have children at your place, so must be extra careful about accidental burns. Also the inner heating plates must be non-stick coated in order to make hassle free sandwiches and easy clean.


The more the sandwich maker becomes smart, the less time it will consume to make a sandwich. The red and green power indicators are very important here. The maker will notify you with the green light that it is hot enough to cook. And the red indicator tells you that the power supply is on.

Handles & Locking system

For domestic non-stick sandwich makers, the handles and the locking system is so important. A good locking system helps you cook your sandwiches faster as the heat stays inside during cooking. It also saves us from unwanted accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this coating safe?

Yes, the ceramic coating doesn’t allow anything to stick anything to the surface. Hence, there is no risk of any chemical reaction with the food. So, it is safe. But keep that in mind after long use, when the coating started chipping, stop using the maker immediately.

What Kind of bread needs to be used in a sandwich maker?

All types of bread slices can be used to make sandwiches in a non-stick sandwich maker. Based on the thickness of the slices and the ingredients inside the making time changes.

How to clean the sandwich maker?

Non-stick sandwich makers are of 2 types – detachable plates and fixed plated. The cleaning process of them is different. Hence, it is better to check the manual before cleaning. But due to the non-stick coating, the heating plates are so easy to clean. For more details you may check our guide on how to clean a sandwich maker.

When does the red light turn indicate?

The red light indicates that the power supply is perfect and the maker is powered on and has started the preheating process. When the pre-heating process is done the green light turns on.

Top 10 Best Non-stick Sandwich Maker in India 2020

1. Philips HD 2393

Philips is such a brand that no one needs an introduction of. It has grown slowly to be one of the top brands both in India and internationally for the quality of their products. The top spot of this top 10 competition of non-stick sandwich makers is secured by the product Philips HD 2393 in the basis of features and advantages. Let’s take a glimpse of the product description.


Philips HD 2393 can take the load of making two crispy sandwiches at the same time. As it also provides fast heating, it gets the job done as soon as possible. The non-stick coat proves helpful in case of cleaning. The rubber coated handle lets you easily open and close the maker while working cause rubber prevents the handle to heat up. The power consumption is only of 820W so it is a good choice if you plan to use it for only domestic uses.


  • For its features, you can count its brand name itself as one. Having a brand name as great as Philips on your sandwich maker is a perk on its own, cause it proves how much trustworthy the product is.
  • It comes with a non-stick coat, so the breads don’t stick to it, and it provides you a perfect sandwich. Not only that, it also helps in the time of cleaning.
  • It is a compact sandwich maker, so it can be used and stored almost anywhere.
  • Its power consumption is very low, a mere 820W, so it is a good choice, if you wish to use it for domestic purpose.
  • The rubber coating on the handle helps the person who is cooking, to hold and use the maker.
  • It also comes with a ready to cook light, which notifies, when the sandwich maker can be used to cook.


  • Vertical and compact storage
  • Non heating rubber handle
  • Non-stick coating on the surface
  • Power consumption 820W

2. NOVA NGS 2449

Over the past few years, the brand NOVA has gained a lot of customer’s trust in India. They are known for making cheap and quality electronics product. Coming out of the house of this very brand, NOVA NGS 2449 is the holder of the second place in this list of top 10. Let’s take a look at what features it is able to provide to us.


NOVA NGS 2449 is bigger than the sandwich makers available in similar price range. It not only can make sandwiches, but also can be used to grill vegetables and even non-veg food items. It comes with a very high-quality non-stick coating which makes cooking really easy. Though the handle is made of metal, but does not catch up the heat, because it is separated from the main body. Though the power consumption is a little bit higher than the similar ones, with only 1000W of power usage, it can be used in household very easily.


  • As a brand nova has earned its trust among the people of India. So having such a brand name ensures the quality of the product.
  • This sandwich maker comes with a high quality coating of non-stick. It helps even the amateurs to cook without any problem and also helps in the time of cleaning.
  • This sandwich maker has a big surface, which not only can hold more breads, but also can be used for roasting and grilling vegetables and other items.
  • Longer foods can also be cooked in here, like hot dogs, and long bread sandwiches.
  • All of these above mentioned heavy works can be done with very ease, in a very low consumption of electricity, only 1000W.
  • With a steel made handle that is separated from the body of the grill, it is very easy to use.


  • Separate steel handle for strong grip
  • Bigger surface for grilling log bread sandwiches
  • Non-stick coating on the surface
  • Power consumptions 1000W

3. Prestige PGMFB Grill

Prestige is also considered one of the heritage brands in India. When a brand with good background launches a product, it is to be expected that the product will prove itself to be somewhat good. And Prestige PGMFB Grill is no exception. That is why it secures the 3rd place in this top 10 list of best non-stick sandwich makes. Here are a few features provided by the product.


Prestige PGFMB Grill is one of the sandwich makers that are compact, and can be used anywhere. With a very low power consumption of only 800W, it is a very good choice, if you wish to use it for domestic purposes. The fixed non-stick grill plates make it easy to clean and maintain. Other than all that, you get a pair of indication lights, which allows you to know, if the grills are heating or not, and when are the grills ready to cook.


  • Prestige is a very popular brand in India, and considered a heritage one, with this brand name on the top of your sandwich maker, is a perk in itself. But that is not the only case here. The company provides you with a warranty period of a year.
  • Compact design allows you to use it and store it anywhere you want.
  • It comes with a very high quality non-toxic non-stick plate, which helps us to clean the plates and keeps the sandwiches intact, as it prevents it from sticking it to the plate.
  • Power consumption is only a mere 800W, so it will not raise your electricity bill a lot. That is why it will be a very good choice for household uses.
  • It has a pair of indication lights, that notifies about when its ready to work.


  • Stylish and elegant black body finish
  • Fixed and non-stick grill plate
  • One year warranty
  • Electricity consumption 800W

4. Lifelong LLSM115T 4-slice

If you are looking for a sandwich maker that will last for a long time then this one might be a good choice for you. If you are one of those, who agrees to sacrifice a few features, that will not be of use anyway, for paying a little less amount, then you will be very happy with the 4th place in this list. Lifelong LLSM115T 4-slice provides you with all the very essential features that you need. These are some of the things, which this sandwich maker can offer to us.


 Lifelong LLSM115T 4-slice comes with some very useful features like skid proof stands, non-stick grill plates. The slim and compact design allows you to store it almost anywhere. It also helps you by separating the sandwiches into two equal parts. This way you don’t have to use a knife to cut your sandwiches every time you make them. In consumes only 750W of power, so it does not drastically increase your bill.


  • It can cook up to 2 sandwiches in one go, so it can be used very well if used only in household purposes.
  • This has two indicator lights, which makes it easy for the one who is cooking to use it.
  • It has skid proof feet, which is why it can prevent clumsy accidents that very often take place in the kitchen.
  • This sandwich maker comes with a cool body, which lets you handle the maker with efficiency while making the sandwiches.
  • It consumes only 750W, so it is very power saving and economical.
  • The company provides one year warranty with the product, so even if the product is found somewhat defective, you do not have to worry.


  • Black body finish with indicator lights
  • Non-stick grill plate
  • Sandwiches already cut into two pieces
  • 1 year warranty on the product
  • Power consumption: 750W

5. Bajaj Majesty SWX400

Other than Philips and Prestige, if there is a brand in India that can be considered a heritage, then it is Bajaj. And that is why, their product, Bajaj Majesty SWX400 wins the 5th position in this list. This very compact sandwich maker provides a clip for the handles, so that it is not damaged, when it is not used. Let’s take a look at its features.


Bajaj Majesty SWX400 is a very compact and user-friendly sandwich maker, that maker making sandwiches a piece of cake. The non-stick plate it provides is of very high quality. It can also be used to grill vegetables and meat. It consumes only about 700W, so it is also very energy efficient. Let’s check out what other features it has in store for us.


  • Bajaj is not a bad brand name to have upon your sandwich maker. It gives you assurance of the product, and also provides you a warranty period of 1 years.
  • It can easily make two sandwiches at a time very efficiently.
  • The handle is built in such a manner, that it is directly inside the sandwich maker. They also provide a buckle clip that prevents the machine to be open carelessly after the cooking is done.
  • It is designed in a very compact manner, and it comes with a cord winder in the base. That is why, once the cooking is complete, you can store it almost anywhere, with minimum requirement of place.
  • It consumes about only 700W. That is why it is a gear choice for those who are in a cash crunch.


  • Makes two sandwiches at a time
  • Provides a buckle clip on the handle
  • 1 year of warranty period
  • Power consumption: 700W

6. Solimo Non-stick

The 6th place in this competition of top 10 non-stick sandwich makers goes to this model by Solimo. Solimo Non-stick is a product that has received a huge amount of appreciation from people despite not having any big brands over its head. This model comes with many great features. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Solimo Non-stick comes with a grill plate big enough for two sandwiches at a time. It comes with a 1.2 meter long cable that is why it can reach the socket at the furthest corner of your room. This comes with non-stick grill that provides very crispy sandwiches and it also helps you to clean the plates. It is also very much energy efficient, as it consumes only about 750W.


  • The sandwich maker comes with a double Teflon non-stick. That is why it performs even better than similar non-stick products.
  • It has stands on its hinge. This helps it stand on vertically when cooking is done. This way, it can be stored within the slightest of gaps available in your cupboard.
  • A 1.2 metre long cable is attached to the sandwich maker. It helps in the cases, when you have your plug socket in a very far corner of your room.
  • Solimo Non-stick comes with a lock on the handles, so that while cooking, the ingredients inside do not get in touch with air outside and utilize the heat properly. Not only that, it also prevents the person cooking to get a burn on their hand.
  • It consumes only about 750W, so it is quite the power saver if you look at it from the perspective of a person with an average income.


  • Double Teflon non-stick grill plate
  • 1.2 metre long cable
  • Stands on the hinge
  • 1 year warranty
  • Power consumption: 750W

7. Morphy Richards SM3006

Like NOVA Morphy Richards, is also known for making quality electrical appliances at a very low price. Their model, Morphy Richards SM3006 is no exception. That is why we consider it as the 7th place holder of this list of top 10 non-stick sandwich maker in India. Morphy Richards SM3006 is a very popular product among the mob in India. It has won many a customers within a very short period of time. Let’s go through the features it can offer.


This sandwich maker can easily make two standard size sandwiches at the same time. The non-stick plate in this particular one is very good in quality. Apart from that, this machine comes with extra plates for making toast and waffles. And you get all of that with a very low power consumption of a mere 750W.


  • It has a very stylish look on the outside. And it’s not just about styles; the machine is made of very high quality materials.
  • It has a very strong handle, with which you can even carry it while travelling.
  • The brand does not just leave you with the product in your hand. They provide a great after-service, as they provide a 2 year long warranty period.
  • It comes with hinged non-stick removable grill plates, which can be changed with waffle and toast plates. So this one leaves you with a choice of making toasts and waffles too, it you wish.
  • It consumes only about 750W. So it can be used daily, and your electricity bill will not go up drastically.


  • Changeable non-stick grill plates
  • Alternate toast and waffle maker
  • Easy to use, easy to store and easy to carry
  • 2 year long warranty
  • Power consumption: 750W

8. Cello Super Club 200

Cello is a brand that is widely known and recognized in India, for their home and kitchen appliances. And this product of theirs, which is also the 8th rank holder in this list, is not an exception. This sandwich maker, created by the trusted hands of a company like cello has been very famous in India lately. That is why, we must take a look at what features does it have to offer us.


Cello Super Club 200 is a very unique sandwich maker compared to similar products of the same price range. Though it takes a bit more space than other similar products, but it can also cook two standard sandwiches at the same time. It comes with floating hinges. It does not consume that much power compared to its size. With only about 750W, it can keep cooking.


  • This sandwich maker comes with floating hinges. This is why it can make much more premium quality sandwiches. For these hinges, the top portion does not narrow up in the sides and channel heat and pressure equally throughout the whole sandwiches.
  • The non-stick plates prove very useful in case of cooking and cleaning.
  • The outer body is made of very strong plastic. So it provides a guarantee of longlasting lifetime.
  • Cello provides very good after-service in the form of 2 yearlong warranty.
  • It is quite unbelievable that a sandwich maker as big as this can go on cooking with only 750W.


  • Non-stick and easy cleaning grill plates
  • Floating hinges
  • Adjustable height control
  • 2 years warranty
  • Power consumption: 750W

9. Oster CKTSM2223

Oster is one of the uprising brands of these days. Its popularity raised drastically in India recently. And that led its product, Oster CKTSM2223 to forge its path to the top 10 list and secure the 9th place. This product has slowly gained its trust among the customers through its features and advantages. Let’s take a look at some of those.


Along with non-stick plates and indicator lights, it is a machine that is quite similar to other products if the same price range. It also comes with a very compact design that allows vertical storage, and has groves that divide the sandwiches in two equal pieces and reduces the extra effort of cutting it with knife. But what it has different from others, is its power consumption. It consumes only about 700W and keep your electricity bill very low.


  • Non-stick plates allow even amateurs to cook with it and clean it with utmost ease.
  • This sandwich maker comes with a pair of groves in the sandwich grill plates. These groves help the sandwiches to be split into two equal pieces.
  • The indication lights help you by notifying if the sandwich maker is heating or not, and if the food is ready.
  • A very compact and stylish design makes it user friendly and good looking at the same time. For the slim design, you can store it in the small gaps that you canbarely manage in your cupboard.
  • It comes also with an automatic thermostat control. It allows the machine itself to measure and control the temperature by itself.
  • Apart from all that, the manufacturer provides you a warranty period of 2 years.


  • Non-stick plates with separator
  • Inbuilt indication light
  • Compact and vertical storage
  • 2 year warranty period
  • Power consumption: 700W

10. Borosil Krispy

At the 10th place of this list, what we get is yet another product from one of the heritage companies in India. Their product, Borosil Krispy is compact, hardy, energy efficient and cheap at the same time. It could be considered quite an all-rounder. For these reasons, people have loved and preferred this product. So, let’s take a quick look at these great features, which makes it quite the customer favourite.


This sandwich maker by Borosil can easily make 2 standard sized sandwiches at the same time. At the same time, it can also be used to make one long bread sandwich. It is designed in such a manner, that it utilizes all the oil that is provided very efficiently, so it needs lesser oil, and makes the food healthier for you.


  • Borosil Krispy comes with a long non-stick grill plate. With that, you can not only cook sandwiches easily, but you can also grill long foods like sausage and hot dogs.
  • It has a very long cable, to reach long distance plug sockets. But that’s not is. The cable can be stored inside the machine itself. This feature, along with its compact design makes it easy to store when not using.
  • It also comes with a thermal fuse that helps you to maintain safety in the kitchen.
  • Other than that, this sandwich maker has skid-proof legs. With those, it reduces the chances of accidents in the kitchen.
  • Borosil provides 2 years of warranty period, so even if the product is somewhat defective, you need not to worry about it.


  • Non-stick long grill plate
  • Cool touch handle and skid proof legs
  • Lesser oil consumption
  • 2 year warranty
  • Power consumption: 700W

Final Words

These are the top 10 non-stick sandwich makers in India based on some extra features like capacity, power consumption, safety, and smartness. The other products that have not been mentioned in this article somehow stay behind due to some small changes in the feature. That doesn’t mean that those products are really bad. They are also very good and long-lasting.

So what are you waiting for? Order your best non-stick sandwich maker now.

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